The World at War



1899November 17 Germany takes possession of the Marianas (except Guam which is annexed by the United States) from Spain in ceremonies held on Saipan.
1904Population: 2646 Micronesians, 13 Europeans including 7 Germans and 45 Japanese.
1905The Japanese franchise holder in the Marianas shipping business is replaced by a German. The Japanese co-leaseholder in the northern islands and owner of the Pagan Corporation sells out, so that this trade is now in German hands and the ships sail under the German flag.
Hurricanes hit Saipan in August and November.
1909January The Mortlock islanders, who had been relocated on Ponape in 1907, arrive in Saipan for final resettlement.
1912The administration of the Marianas complains that the economy is stagnating because there is no efficient exporter and importer. The entire trade is dominated by Japanese interests which the administration wishes to replace with a well-funded German enterprise.
1914October Japanese forces occupy the Marianas.
1919June 28 Germany signs the Treaty of Versailles and cedes all sovereignty over the Marianas.

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