The World at War

The Timelines-Project


Since the start of our WorldAtWar-website in 1998 timelines of events outside of the global mainstream formed an important backbone of content. The bulk of these contributions were made by Richard Doody, whose diligence and acribie in researching areas that most would deem esoteric is unsurpassed. I wish we could have done more for him back then. However, times have changed.

We are now working on a gateway that will make the creation of historic timelines as easy as working with wikipedia or blogs. At the start this will be rather rudimentary, with text files running in to create nice html-pages. In the second stage, we will include the option to include or edit single entries using a webgateway. The third stage will see user-accounts in which a timeline-admin can set rights to change or create sub-timelines.

Good intentions are one thing, working stuff is another. I am glad that we are now able to offer you access to stage one. Administration access at this stage will only be given to known contributors - please go to our forum if you hear the call...

Available timelines


1st line: Here belongs the Area, Country or Region. Example: Gabon, Spanish Sahara
Please do not use special characters like accents, umlaute or alikes. The file name will be generated from this line.

2nd line: This line should contain the period, usually in the form: from-to, like 1615-1960. Its used in the title and also in the filename.

The rest...
All other lines should contain either a blank line (this will be ignored), a year (for digits, eg. 1677), a date-specification (like November, September 27th, During that year or Autumn) or an event. There can be several (or none) dates per year and several (or none) events per date. If you need a new line within an event, just add <br> into the line.
Just try it out. Nothing serious can go wrong.
The first two lines decide the file-name. Identical first lines will overwrite older files.